Mar 24, 2010

Person on the Street Interviews

There are four learning blocks that each group will experience during the JUA. Some groups do more than this, but this is the big picture plan:
  • Two meetings with professionals in the field of study exploring the topic from two different points of view
  • One meeting that will address opportunities for further career or study in this area
  • One experiential learning block
You've already heard about some of these learning blocks. For example, when the Engineering our Future group connected with Engineers Without Borders or when the Justice & Law group visits Narcotics Anonymous those are examples of meetings that explore topics from a point of view.

Opportunities for further study so far include visits to MIT or Emerson among many others.

But that's not what I want to talk about in this post! In addition to all this learning there is also a great deal of doing (which we've talked about before). That's what we call the experiential learning block - and a popular activity for this learning block is the Person on the Street Interview in which groups (working safely in pairs in a well defined area) collect data from passersby about their topic. To do this well students need to prepare, research, practice and collect data carefully in order to draw meaningful conclusions. Now that's what I call learning by doing!

Here is a video prepared by the New Media group that gives us a look at what this looks like.

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