Mar 24, 2010

Interview with Engineers Without Borders

Today we got to have a Question and answer session with two representatives from Engineering Without Borders (EWB). One of them was a current sophomore at MIT, and the other was a former student at MIT graduating in 2008. Javier, the MIT graduate, majored in Mechanical Engineering, and Steven, the current student, is majoring in Biological Engineering. We started off getting an introduction from them about the projects they have been working on recently. Javier has been working on improving home appliances and making them more energy efficient, and is also the secretary from the Boston Chapter of EWB. Steven had been working on a solar panel and well restoration project in Uganda. We asked them various questions about their experiences as engineers and about their college experiences in general. We learned a lot about engineering and the different fields and educations that are available to people pursuing engineering. We then said goodbye and are going to make our way towards a tour of a LEED certified building in South Boston.

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