Mar 5, 2009

Final Project Assessment

The JUA is graded Pass / Pass with Honors / Fail and appears on student progress reports.

Assessment for the JUA has two components:
  • Individual performance
  • Group final product
The overall goal of the course assessment is to communicate the behaviors, values and outcomes we would like from our students and help drive them to better outcomes.

Individual Performance
Students will be graded individually on a 1-3 rubric in the following categories:
  • Pre-course work
  • On-course work
  • Post-course work
Group Final Product
The goal of the group product is to communicate not only what students did on the JUA but also what they learned in a polished and compelling fashion. The group final product will be graded on a 1-5 rubric in the following categories:

The final group product will:
  • Explain what the group did on the JUA
  • Examine an issue from multiple (at least 3) perspectives
  • Describe specific responses to perspectives students personally disagree with
The product will be:
  • In a format that is sharable on line
  • Well organized
  • Mechanically (grammar, spelling) well edited
  • Original (any music or photos are either created by the group or fulfill a specific purpose)
  • Dynamic, interesting and creative
  • Created by the whole group
  • Accompanied by list of works cited
  • Accompanied by 10 photos for the end of program slide show
Grading Process
Individual and group scores will be assessed by the faculty and senior leaders.

Individual and group scores will then be combined to determine Pass / Pass with Honors / Fail for each individual based on the following formula:

(Individual Performance / 21) * 100 = Individual Grade
(Group Product / 50) * 100 = Group Grade
(Individual Grade + Group Grade) / 2 = Final Grade

Final Grade:
0 - 60: Fail
61 - 80: Pass
81 - 100: Pass with Honors

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