Feb 23, 2009

What should I bring?

Here is the list of things to bring on the JUA:

Things you should bring:
• Warm clothes
• Corporate Casual clothes as you might wear to a job interview
• Long underwear
• Hat, mittens and scarf
• Rain jacket
• Comfortable shoes for walking

• Toiletries
• Watch
• Cell phone

• Notebook and pen
• One laptop per group with wireless
• One digital camera or camera phone per group
• Backpack or school bag

Optional things to bring:
• A small amount of extra money for souvenirs and evening programs
• Musical instrument
• Cards / books for free time
• One nice outfit (required for some groups)

Things you shouldn’t bring:
• Sleeping bag or towel (all linens provided)
• Large amounts of money
• Excessive electronics or other valuable personal property
• Drugs, alcohol or cigarettes

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