Mar 24, 2010

Day 1 Part 2 Street Art

Looks like School of Museum of Fine Arts and Art Wall are not enough for us to get to know the meaning of street art. At five clock yesterday we went to the Art Wall to meet the curator, and also a street artist himself, Hargo. But curating the wall and spraypainting aren't the only things he does. He is also a successful investor.
During the interview, we asked him a series of questions that he answered in generous, informative detail - "What do you think of tagging?" "What do you hope people will gain from your work?""Have you ever been arrested or convicted for your work?" and "Is there any type of art that you personally consider vandalism?"
From his responses, we knew he is talkative and thoughtful person. Later during the interview, we met two other people just as enthusiastic about the wall as Hargo. One man was with the Admission of Art from Cambridge, who we will be speaking with later, and another man who is the head of the club and resturaunt that houses the wall. The interview was serendipitous in the sense that we met other people in the process and learned even more than we initially thought. Now it's time to make our own mark on the wall with Moose Man.

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Hans Mundahl said...

Can't wait to see the moose head person stencil!