Mar 24, 2010

Street Art - Day 2

We started day 2 with gathering materials for our planned contribution to the wall, which involved Allie, Connor, and Hansen going to the post office and hardware store. There, they gathered cardboard, spraypaint, and cutting materials to put together the stencil Allie and Connor designed - a man with moose antlers.
After scoping out the right colors and the perfect spot, Allie and Connor got to work with taping the stencil they cut out, and Hansen, Kyd and Park worked on their own Chinese stencil that translated to "follow wind". While the spraypainting was going on, other members of the group interviewed passerbys on the Boston streets about their own thoughts on street art - what makes it art and what makes it vandalism? When both groups of artists working on the wall were finished, they were filled with a sense of success with their image/message on the wall.
Following the experiential learning block, we managed to find our way (not without error) to the designated meeting spot to interview John Ewing and Christopher Robbins about their public art. They were very insightful and inventive, with constant ideas to aesthetically enhance the society of Boston, and Allie lead the interview with strong questions.
Now we're working on our final project, a compilation of our videos and photos along with our thoughts, all combined into one powerpoint. Wish us luck...

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