Mar 23, 2010

New Media: Day One

Our day began with a trip to Faneuil Hall for lunch. With time to kill, we decided to create and conduct two separate surveys. Our group split up and asked people throughout the crowd how new media affects how they obtain news. It was found that most prefer to listen to the radio or search online to learn about what is going on locally, nationwide or internationally. Finding a willing participant to interview proved to be difficult at times, but the survey produced consistent results. We then re-grouped and reviewed our results before walking to Emerson College, a college focused on the communication arts. We saw first-hand how Emerson continually adapts to new media to provide its students with a fully enriched learning experience to prepare them for careers in film, journalism, communications, and the performing arts. Our group was invited to see a student's production, in which the student had to take a movie trailer and completely strip it of sound. Then, using the school's expansive library of sound effects, the assignment was to re-create the trailer's audio. For a 90 second trailer for The Bourne Ultimatum, 40 hours of meticulous work was needed to complete it.
Emerson College had an astounding list of opportunities for students wishing to do internships - including spots at Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel, and even Vogue. For those interested in journalism and broadcasting, Emerson has its own channel, complete with its own newsroom and sound studio. The tour left with many of us interested in looking further into the school. Tired and soaking wet, we returned to the hotel briefly to catch our breath and dry off. After wandering Mass Ave, we settled for a light dinner before returning to the Meridian.

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Johnny said...

Amazing group today with New Media. They were a pleasure to work with and represented NHS with style. Lots of opportuntities out there in New Media. Tomorrow it is a visit to the Institute of Contemporary Art at 11 and Element Productions at 2pm. See you at 8:30am