Mar 24, 2010

384% More Engaged

I'll just get it out there: I love data. I love having an idea, trying it out, and then seeing how it works. It's great when something seems like a success, but it's even better to be able to back up that feeling with the data.
Blue line above indicates blog visits this year.

This year the big idea was changing the way we blog: combining all our work together in one place rather than diluting it on multiple blogs, and adding the Twitter stream.

According to our blog traffic data we are seeing a +384% increase in blog traffic year over year. That means our students are blogging more, and more parents, faculty, students and friends are joining us on line! Commenting on posts is also way up: another indication of engagement.

Thanks for joining us! A special shout out to everyone from California (highest traffic area in the US outside of New Hampshire). Hi Valencia, LA, Tahoe and everyone else from the Golden State.

What has drawn you to the blog? What have you liked so far about the student work? Give us a shout out in the comments.

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