Mar 24, 2011

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy

This morning we visited the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. The college has around 3,500 students all focused on obtaining degrees in various aspects surrounding medicine. This college makes it possible to get your degree, and then achieve a master’s degree the year after. It is composed of 40 % men and 60% women. The college is situated in the medical district of Boston and is part of the Colleges of Fenway. Some opinions on the college were how nice the dorms were, how fast you can get a masters degree, and the direct entry approach. The college has a six-year doctorate program for students wishing to pursue a doctorate in pharmacy. When applying to the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, it is possible to directly enter this six-year program rather than have to compete against your peers in your sophomore year of college. In the doctorate program students are required to take classes in ethics and to work through real life scenarios so they are prepared to deal with difficult situations in the real world. Some of these include identifying when medications may interact and how to monitor the frequency and type of prescription a person is getting. By teaching the students this it helps to reduce the potential of people getting extra medication to sell. What surprised us was the bathroom situation in one of the dorms, there was one gender bathroom on each floor, but each floor was co-ed. You ended up having to go up or down a level in order to use the restroom. Overall, this was a very nice college visit and we learned a lot.

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