Mar 23, 2011

Women in Pro Sports

Today we met with the General Manager for the Boston Blades, Paul Hendrickson, the Boston Blades is the professional women;s hockey team that plays out of Boston and play in the CWHL (Canadian Women's Hockey League). He gave us a real insight to what was being done in order for the league to be more well-known everywhere. He told us that they were trying every way possible to get people to know that there was a professionals women team. He described the difficulties such as the lack of money, the lack of support, and the general public. With him we discussed ways that we could also help to get the support and to let people know that olympians are still playing. For Mr. Hendrickson he told us that their goal is to provide another chance for women to continue in sports after college and eventually pay them. He also told us that he hopes the the CWHL will keep increasing in fan base, players and teams.

Later on, the group went around subway and interviewed people. We asked them whether or not they watch men or women's sport and why they do. We also asked them how the men's game differs from the women's and what they think should be done in order for the women's sports to grow. Many people said that they watched men's sports because they were a lot faster paced and that the intensity level is a lot higher. Many also said that they would rather watch men's because there was a lot more action.

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