Nov 8, 2007

Final Project Examples

On the JUA each group is asking an essential question and each student will pose a Driving Question. This Driving Question will lead to meaning on the bigger issue the group is trying to address.

Coming out of all of these questions will be a single group product. We'll give you a great deal more detail on this product and how it will be assessed. For now we want to show you some examples of what kinds of projects you might create.

Ms. Saxe has found an essay, a video and a photo essay and imagined that they were the products of a JUA group. What Essential Question and Driving Questions would have led to this product? What meetings and interviews in Boston would have produced the raw material and what resources and skills would the group have needed to capture it and make meaning from it?

Read on to discover how three question groups might have come to create an essay, a video or a photo essay with captions.

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