Nov 8, 2007

Sample JUA and Product: Essay

Do fences make good neighbors?

The border between Canada and the United States is the largest unprotected border in the world. However to the south it is a different story: President Bush had talked of building an actual wall the distance of the Mexican-U.S. border. Robert Frost said in his poem Mending Wall, “fences make good neighbors.” Was he right? What is the role that of immigration in American society? Is it migrant workers and illegal labor or the melting pot and the American Dream? Nothing captures the imagination more than a rags to riches story, but what are the long term costs of America’s policies toward Mexico, India and other countries?


We want to make a video! But wait, we don’t have a video camera and none of us are that great at using iMovie…How about an essay? Sounds good.

What do we need: Tape recorder for interviews.

Driving Questions:

  1. How does U.S. immigrant legislation compare with that of economically similar countries?
  2. What are the “costs” to American citizens for having illegal immigrants in the country?
  3. Does the general public lump all migrants (legal and illegal) in one group?
  4. What does it take to get a green card and then become an American citizen?
  5. Why does “everyone” want to come to the U.S. anyways?

Learning Blocks:

  1. Community survey
  2. Various embassies
  3. Community centers or places where English classes are taught to interview immigrants
  4. Boston Cultural Society.

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