Nov 8, 2007

Sample JUA and Product: Video

Here is a sample write up for a JUA group on beauty.

What is the price of beauty?

Essential Question: Rail thin models glide down runways all over the world, perfectly symmetrical eyes gaze down from billboards above busy streets and men with chiseled abs lean seductively on the sides of city busses. Under United States law, a model's thinness and ectomorphic build may be a "bonafide occupational qualification" (BOQ) which would hold modeling agencies harmless from charges were they to exclude heavier women. From the 1990’s to the present less that 0.000000003% of the worlds population were supermodels, yet their images are plastered everywhere as the standard of beauty. This standard of beauty is unattainable yet billions of dollars are spent each year to enhance one’s image. Aside from the monetary impacts, what are the social, psychological and physiological impacts of the beauty industry on individuals?

Product: What skills do we have and what do we want to do?

Cara is really good at photoshop and Justin is great in iMovie, so we’re going to do something for that.

What do we need to bring with us for that product?

A video camera, digital camera, cords and a computer.

Driving Questions:

* Is there a correlation between spending on beauty products and eating/body image disorders?

* Do girls, boys, women and men equally feel pressure to conform to a certain standard of beauty?

* What is the history of dieting in America? How does this compare to other countries?

Learning Blocks:

1. MFA

2. Community Exploration and Survey

3. Health professional specializing in eating disorders

4. School psychiatrist

5. In the School of Fashion Design (SFD) meet with Mr. Calderin, Director of Creative Marketing & Special Projects.

The product: Video.

We created this video to show how a “plain jane” can be transformed into a work of art. literally. If more people could understand how many alterations and touch ups occur to create advertisements, maybe they would be less likely to idolize these men and women on billboards.

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