Nov 6, 2007

Taking Action in the World

Beth Kanter is a professional blogger who writes about the use of social media in nonprofits for social change. She has been thinking about how we can engage young people in contributing to causes and charities.

At NHS we involve students with service at a variety of levels. From mandatory projects like our Saturday service program, to student led initiatives like filling sand bags during flooding we seem to engage students with this concept frequently.

I'm writing about this idea here at the JUA blog though, because I think this kind of teaching and learning compels us to take action in the world.

During the JUA our students will ask tough questions about issues that matter to them, they will uncover injustice and untruths along with reasons to be hopeful. When students can do these things we can bring them to a place where they believe, "This matters and I can have an effect." Add to this process a great technology like blogging which can bring young people's voices to a wide audience and exciting things can happen.

How to engage young people with social change? By listening to them, helping them see the world and be frustrated by it, and by giving them tools to affect change.

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