Nov 8, 2007

Survey Results

Remember that survey you took about your expectations for the JUA, well here are the results. Only 53 of you (out of 80) responded, so the results reflect that.

Question: Of the words below, circle the FIVE words that you think will most describe your experiences on JUA.

For those visual learners out there, the size of the word reflects how often someone chose it. For you mathematical learns, scroll down for the percents of top five and bottom five words.

Boring Busy Tiring Stressful Educational Fun Exciting Interactive Hands On Exhausting Enlightening Inspiring Unnecessary Memorable Career Exploration Once in a lifetime Bonding magical

Nobody circled "lame" or "waste of time."

Top Five Responses:

Fun: 62%
Educational 60%
Interesting: 57%
Exciting: 55%
Interactive: 49%

Bottom Five Responses:

Lame: 0%
Waste of Time: 0%
Magical: 2%
Exhausting: 4%
Once in a lifetime and Bonding tied with 8%

As for the second question where you were asked to rate your skills, overall ~75% of respondents circled either a three (Eh...I can do this half of the time) or a four (I can do this most of the time). Only one person circle a five (Nice! I am really great at this) for "Research."

It will be interesting to see how your responses will change after this trip. Many of you may have given yourself a 4 or 5 for certain skills, but after the trip you may realize that your skills in this area are a little rough around the edges...and that's OK :-)

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