Mar 21, 2011

Weather related issues on 3/21

Hi folks - as you know there is a bit of bad weather right now in New Hampton that is causing some travel delays.  Here is where we stand overall:
  • We are still planning an 8:30pm meeting in the Master Classroom tonight
  • We are still planning to board buses tomorrow by 7:30am behind the gym (see the full schedule to the right for more details)
If you are a boarding student returning to campus tonight and you are running late please do your best to stay safe and make it to the meeting tonight.  It's okay to arrive late, just come over to the Master Classroom once you get back to campus.

If you are a day student and you are unable to make it to the meeting tonight due to hazardous travel conditions please see below.
  • Please make arrangements to be on campus at 7:00am Tuesday so you can check in with your group leader and board your assigned bus by 7:30am
  • Please review the packing list in the student resources section to make sure you have everything you need
  • We will not be able to check in to the hotel immediately upon our arrival, please be prepared wearing what you need to wear and with everything you need for the day in a separate bag from your suitcase, your suitcase will be stored in a secure location until we are ready to check in
  • Please review the Code of Conduct.  Failure to follow these guidelines will result in swift action for you and possibly also your roommates in the hotel
If you are a day student wishing to stay the night on campus you may do so with the permission of the dorm head.

Any student who will be unable to make it to the meeting tonight (or who will be late) should also contact their group leader to make sure they will be prepared for tomorrow.

Many thanks - and please stay safe!  We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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