Mar 4, 2011

This Pill Will Make You Feel Better

Modern medicine has transformed health in the world: we live longer and more productive lives. Yet even as medicines have improved our lives they have shown us the dark side of human nature. Prescription drug abuse, illegal drug use and crime are all closely related. This group will examine the technologies that lead to the production of new medicines and also explore issues related to their misuse. Our group members are Jay Baek, Raymond Boly, AnneMarie Fana, Tanner Klock, Scott Miller, Steph Myers, Chip Nolan and Danya Gordin. We will be touring Merck and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy just to name a few places!


Hans Mundahl said...

This is a heavy issue - I'm glad you will be able to engage with it in a thoughtful and compelling way.

Best of luck!

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