Mar 3, 2011

Twitter 101

Hi folks, we are going to be using Twitter during the JUA to invite parents, teachers and friends to join us as we go about our program in Boston. We will even be able to see what other groups are doing while we are out and about.

To view our Twitter stream you don't even need to have an account! I've embedded the feed for #NHSJUA over on the right sidebar there.

If you want to tweet along with us you will need a Twitter account and a cell phone with a text message plan. Please note that although Twitter doesn't cost anything standard text messaging rates do apply. Don't join in on Twitter if you don't have an unlimited (or very large) text messaging plan on your phone!

To get started check out this tutorial video and let me know if you have any questions:

A good tweet is short (140 characters or less), honest but appropriate, thoughtful and avoids slang and text message speak. For example, "omg lol that was crazy" isn't a great tweet while, "About to visit with the Business School at Harvard!" is a fantastic!

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