Mar 21, 2011

New Media

Do you need to have millions of dollars and connections in LA to make a hit series anymore? In a world of file sharing how do young musicians make any money? New media has brought new opportunities and new problems for creative artists.

In our Junior Urban Adventure we will meet with Kyle York of 1band 1brand, a business that supports and connects independent artists. We will talk with independent artists and visit CafĂ© 939, a venue for artists operated by Berklee College of Music. We will visit Rule and participate in a hands-on Learning Lab using the Phantom Flex, a revolutionary high-speed digital camera. A college tour of Berklee or Emerson, and a “give-back” to the independent artist community will round out our trip.

1 comment:

Hans Mundahl said...

Such a cool plan - looking forward to finding out more about your work!