Mar 24, 2011

New Media Two: Individual Impression

Everyone learned many new things and had new experiences during the JUA. Below you will find a brief description of everyone’s favorite part.

Jake Kiley-
My favorite part of the trip was listening to the presentation that was put on by Mr. York’s brother about 1band 1brand. It was interesting to hear about a unique idea that one of our teachers had a part in.

Conner Redman-
My favorite part of JUA was touring the House OF Blues. Learning the history and the many famous people that have stepped foot inside the building really inspired me.

Ava Donovan-
My favorite part of the trip was touring the House of Blues. It was interesting learning about what happens behind the scenes. I also enjoyed learning about how to promote things and what the right and wrong way to do it are. Peace and love <3

Matty Fay-
My favorite part of the trip was seeing the Phantom Flex camera demonstration. Even though I didn’t understand most of the terminology, watching the footage that they took around Cambridge in slow motion was epic.

Brad Vance-
My favorite part of this JUA experience was learning about the organization 1band 1brand, which focused on the promotion of new and upcoming artists. It was a major influential experience for anyone with an aspiration for a music career.

Kat Windels-
My favorite part of the New Media JUA group was informing people about 1band 1brand, it was something that I feel will give a lot to not only the artists and designers but also the community. Giving people the information about this organization will help broaden horizons and expand the knowledge and awareness of others to media.

Cullen MacAndrew-
My Favorite part of the JUA experience was visiting The House Of Blues. From the recycled wood from hurricane Katrina used for the portraits to the Indian tapestry used as wallpaper, The House of Blues was filled with history, along with hosting some of the most popular modern day artists, it was an experience of a lifetime.

Connor Gallopo-
My favorite part of JUA was visiting The House Of Blues. This was a great experience, and really inspired me. The artists that have played there are true legends, and the way they represented them was incredible. This trip was a great way to widen my understanding of the music industry.

Chris Pingree-
My favorite part of JUA was when we got to go to the House of Blues and get a fantastic tour. This was my favorite part because I got to see the number one place to hold a concert in the world. Another thing is that they had an amazing set up for music and lighting. I am so glad that NHS holds this for the juniors every year because it really helped with college. Thanks.

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