Mar 24, 2011

New Media Two: Day Two Recap

After breakfast this morning we walked a mile and half to Rule Boston Camera to see a demonstration of the high-speed capturing camera called the Phantom Flex. It records at speeds over 2500fps(really really fast).

Here's a cool video the studio showed us made with the Phantom Flex.

After that, we took a tour of the Berkelee School of Music. The tour was interesting for many people who have a strong love for music. Berkelee is located in the center of Boston making it a unique campus and different from other colleges. We saw where they practice and perform many different types of music.

We walked to Newbury St. to grab a quick lunch and do some street promoting for 1band 1brand. We passed out and promoted 1band 1brand by handing out tokens with their logos on it, and spoke to the public about what they're all about. We found out that promoting isn't an easy task. We learned that there are right and wrong things to do when promoting. One big one is that you don't want to make it seem like your just looking for money. In order to attract people you need to think outside the box. One thing that 1band 1brand does great was instead of having regular business cards they put their logo on a wooden token as a different way to stand out.

Finally, we went on a tour of the House of Blues with Bob Dougherty, the Foundation room sales manager. The House Of Blues is the number one music venue in the world. The original House Of Blues was built in 1995 in Harvard Square and was then moved to the current venue next to Fenway Park. While we were visiting we learned a lot about the history of the venue, the original artwork throughout the venue and why it is so popular today. A lot the world’s greatest artists have performed there. Overall we learned that the venue is all about music, how it originated, what its meaning is, and what it means to the world.

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