Mar 24, 2011

New Media 1: Cafe 939

On the first night, we went to Berklee's Cafe 939, where they hold concerts in the "Red Room". Artist Tiff Jimber and the Band "The Winter Sounds" played for us, we enjoyed the wonderful music and the environment.

We learn a lot from the experience, that the opportunity to perform is important and people have to strive for it. Successful musicians star with small event, they play not only at school but also at these Cafes and bars, so they get more known. They really put themselves out there and sell CDs, create themselves as products.

We observed that the symbiotic relationship really helps artist to be successful, such as connecting music with fashion design and marketing, so that it interests a larger grope of people, and the band would get famous faster. This is one of the most important way for artists to achieve their dreams.

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