Mar 24, 2011

It's Not a Game, It's a Franchise: Fenway Tour

After lunch with Chris Collins, we walked up the hill and across the bridge to the famous Fenway Park. We were lucky enough to have an exclusive tour of Fenway Park. We went as far as the seats on top of the green monster to as low as the antique wooden chairs looking out across the field. The seats were the oldest seats still being used in the MLB. Our tour guide was great and shared with us Fenway facts and how next year it will be 100 years old and will be considered a historical landmark, and they can not do any more major renovations to it without going through a lot of paperwork.

I have never been to Fenway Park ever, and to see it from many angles that I may never get to see was very cool! After, they brought us up to the Owner's Suite overlooking the ballpark, so I was very appreciative of being in a place I knew not many people have been and I will probably never ever be back to, unless I one day own the Boston Red Sox :)

After the tour of Fenway Park we met with Mr. Prettyman, an employee for the Red Sox Foundation, to discuss the Red Sox baseball franchise and its involvements with others.  Mr. Prettyman spoke to us about how much the Red Sox are involved in the Boston and New England communities through multiple scholarship programs, fundraisers, and promotional events.

After speaking about give-back programs that the Red Sox run, Mr. Prettyman talked to us about the size of the organization. The Red Sox are not just the baseball team that everyone knows but instead are also the owners for multiple smaller organizations like the Liverpool Soccer team and a large NASCAR team as well as many other organizations. This really opened our eyes about how influential this organization is not only in New England but across the nation and globe.

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