Mar 24, 2011

New Media 1: 1band 1brand

The 'New Media' group met with Kyle York, a young businessman who, along with three others, launched a new company called "1Band 1Brand." "1Band 1Brand" is a company that shares and provides exposure for new and up and coming musical artists and fashion brands. Subscribers to the company ( are introduced to one band or music artist and one fashion brand each week. In order to spread the word about these artists, the company offers discounts and deals on one particular brand and free downloadable songs of one specific band every week. These offers last only one weeks time until the next band and brand are introduced the following week. Although the artists may not make a profit by providing the public with free music and fashion, "1Band 1Band" is an opportunity that gives them free exposure and a chance to spread their name.

At the meeting with one of the owners of the company, "1Band 1Brand," we learned that in order to start a business/company, you need to have funds and/or a day job when you first start out. We learned that it is more easier now than ever to start a business because of the use of internet and social media networks. Since this is a newly launched company, the founders/owners of "1Band 1Brand" have yet to make a profit with this idea. In order for a company like this to make it big, you have to work your way up from the bottom and eventually it will become a well known name. With a new company or idea, you have to give it time and wait for the public to become interested in it on their own. If you force it on them, they will be pushed away and become uninterested in the idea.

We learned that there are multiple people and professions involved in producing a successful company. Each different field needs to work together and rely on each other in order to create one overall product. A lot goes into the production of the company "1Band 1Brand," other than just music and fashion. Label design, network design, financial development, advertisement, and many other fields of work have to collaborate in order for this company to exist. Each field relies on each other for business opportunities that utilize their particular skill.

The speaker expressed to us that it is important for us as juniors in high school to start now by becoming involved with what we are interested in before we go to college. We should make a plan as to what we want to accomplish in our life and work our way up to it by participating in unpaid internships and becoming exposed to the field at our age.

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