Mar 23, 2011

Hello House

This morning we went to the Hello House, an all men substance abuse rehabilitation center in the heart of Boston. The men there are there willingly, mainly between 20-50 years old. The program is based around the 12 steps of the AA (alcoholics anonymous) program. Whitey, the main counselor at the program, he is a recovering alcoholic who bases his program around overcoming alcoholism. Some points that really hit home with our group were the 12 steps and how detailed they were, Whitey and his story, the process of the program, and how ranged the ages of the men there were. The program has a pretty high success rate, most of the men who go through this program come out sober and with more knowledge of their addiction. The program made sure that the patients could live on their own, by making them find jobs, teaching them relapse preventions, and taking care of the house. The workers at the Hello House were determined to help the patients, even if they relapsed over and over again “We don’t give up on them” said Whitey.

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