Mar 23, 2011

Greater Boston Food Bank

This afternoon we volunteered at The Greater Boston Food Bank. This place serves most of Massachusetts shelters with food and supplies that families need in order to survive. We volunteered with 35 other people from Dunkin Donuts, Inuit, and Ohio State. We sorted around 11,722 pounds of food, in total creating over 7,222 meals. Chip quotes,” There is no better feeling than helping feed the hungry in the great city of Boston.” We separated food into different categories, such as pasta sauce, soaps, papers, and beans, to help streamline the process for shelters this food is given to. It was a fun environment; music was playing and all of the volunteers had a great attitude. This was a great way to give back and be able to help so many people.

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Hans Mundahl said...

I think it is so cool that you did this!