Mar 23, 2010

Twitter Tips

So far we have seen some great tweeting from our groups. Here are some tips to take it further:
  • To mention someone in your tweet write their twitter username after an @ sign like this: "@streetartnhs I hope you are having fun"
  • To send someone a private message type a D and then the user name. This tweet won't appear in your public stream, it will only go to that user. Example, "D streetartnhs meet you at the hotel!"
  • Tweeting links is always nice - especially to pictures!
  • If you want to join the conversation even if you aren't on the JUA please join the conversation by using the #NHSJUA hashtag in your tweet!
Have questions about how to use twitter? Want to turn on device updates so you get tweets directly to your phone? Let me know in the comments!

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