Mar 23, 2010

Day 1, Part 1 - Street Art

The day started off with the Street Art group on bus #2 to Boston. We arrived at the Meridian hotel and didn't hesitate to re-organize and be on our way. Our first scheduled stop was an admissions tour to the School of Museum of Fine Arts, so we boarded the T and headed over (spotting much street art on the way).
Because it was spring break at SMFA, we didn't get to experience the atmosphere of the college with students inhabiting it, but the tour was long and informative enough to compensate for the lack of campus life. We toured the main building which housed a myriad of fine art majors - sculpture, photography, screenprinting, woodworking, animation, ceramics, drawing, painting, and many more... we can't remember it all. They had big printers, and funny drawings everywhere.
There was certainly a lot of street art to see - SMFA had their own graffiti wall where students expressed themselves through colors and unrecognizable letters, and along the hallways and stairwells, doodles and stanzas of poetry adorned the surroundings. The SMFA had a unique program in which one can enter and dabble in all the arts, or concentrate on just one, or even take an intensive study on both academics and art - a type of experience most schools don't offer.
We took a break after the long tour and had lunch at Boloco/Qdoba, and continued on to meet up with "B" and take a glance at The Wall that we will hopefully be contributing to with our own artistic vision. It was an alleyway lined with vibrant colors and shapes from all different sorts of artists, and at the top of the building were spots on walls saved for the top dogs of street art. Hopefully we'll be heading back there tomorrow; Connor, Allie, and Hansen are working on a stencil idea as this is being typed, so wish us luck.

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