Mar 12, 2010

Street Art: Pre Trip Questions

Hi Group!
I hope you are enjoying your vacation and getting excited about our trip to Boston.
Please answer these questions for me by commenting to this post.

1.) In my email on 3/2 I provided an opportunity for creative expression.  A few of you voiced some enthusiasm about creating art on The Wall, but are you seriously interested? If so, do you have an idea?
2.)  What makes you interested in street art?  What are you specifically curious about?
3.)  What is it that defines art (of any kind) as valuable?
4.)  What is the difference between street art and public art?

Here is another link to an artist we will be talking with.  Check out his art here.


1 comment:

Hans Mundahl said...

This looks very cool, I'm hoping you get some good video from the 'Wall'