Mar 19, 2010

Almost Time!

Well, the JUA is almost here. We're very excited to be completing final logistical preparations! I'm very pleased with the quality and variety of topics we are able to offer this year and I think the staff and students are well prepared and fired up!

I've been talking with some of the parents in the last few days and it's been great to hear how the JUA dovetails into other aspects of life at NHS. Parents tell me they see how the college search and the JUA are connected - both in awakening new interests as well as providing a chance to really dig into an existing passion. That's great - particularly since we're adding a new course element this year. Each group will be visiting a college, university or other opportunity for future study in their area of study.

So as logistical preparations are wrapping up I'd just like to say we are all very excited to be heading down to Boston on your return from vacation! I think it will be a powerful, fun and educational experience.

Here's one of my favorite pictures from last year. It was from a group studying protest music and social change. Although they had some other things planned, when they saw a union worker protesting in front of our hotel they had to stop and talk with him!

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