Mar 4, 2010

Music and Business pre-trip assignment

Hello Music and Business,

For your pre-trip assignment, please watch the following youtube video and then answer the two questions below. This song is titled "Sell Out" and is by the band Reel Big Fish.

Questions to answer for your assignment: (please post to the blog)
1) What do you think of the lyrics to this song?
2) Do you think that musicians should change their style and sound to become more popular and make more money?

Mr. Zimmerman


Arielle said...

1. I think the lyrics address the duality of the music industry. There is a choice between playing original music and not necessarily being successful or changing sound and image for money.
2. I think musicians should do whatever they want to do. A lot of times musicians change and go corporate but if they gain a steady enough base, then they can start playing things they want to play. A lot of people buy music just because the musicians are famous and the quality and content really doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

i think the song is talking about the music business and what you haft to do to be sucessful in the music indusrty.

2. i think a lot of musicans do what they want for music they play what they like to. A lot change what they do as well to get the money

Anonymous said...

1. I think the lyrics of this song are talking about how if you sell yourself and others out, then the record company will reward you with lots of money.
2. I believe that if you want to be rich then you have to do what other people like and change whatever needs to be changed.

Hans Mundahl said...

Great post, nice video and it's terrific to see the comments coming in for this group - good omens for the JUA y'all!

Anonymous said...

1. I think the lyrics refer to the idea that most major artists have sold themselves out and have lost a part of their individuality.
2. I think that most musicians play the kind of music they like at first and gradually become more mainstream and lose the unique-ness they once had...

BenGoley said...

1. I think the lyrics are interesting. They say that artists will change thier lyrics to avoid "working in fast food all thier lives". They will do what the record companies say so they can make the money they want.
2. I think an artist should write about what is important to them, but sometimes this can risk thier popularity. I don't think an artist should change thier style or sound for the people or the money because it is important for an artist to express thier own individuality through music.

Anonymous said...

1. I think the lyrics are discussing how artists are so desperate for success, they blindly believe the major labels who tell them selling out will make them rich quickly. The consequence to this ultimately becomes that if they want this success they must loose their originality and become mainstream.
2. I think that at the end of the day, musicians should stay true to their sound and their style and play what they want regardless of what's popular. Trends in the industry come and go quickly, so it's possible for musicians to become popular without selling out.

Anonymous said...

1. The lyrics describe a musician "selling out" to a record company because they need the money. I think the lyrics are interesting because not many bands address the issue of artists in the music industry staying true to themselves.
2. I think being a musician is self-expression. Music should be produced the way you want it to sound. However, sometimes musicians are faced with the problem of being broke and having to change their sound just to pay the bills.