Mar 2, 2010

Sustainable Architecture

The group of five gentlemen in this exciting JUA group (yeah!) will start their first assignment by responding to an article on sustainability that they read in Metropolis magazine, taking a pro and con position. Post here, by making comments.

Please read about one of the brilliant early founders of the idea of sustainability, long before any perceptible energy crisis was occuring: Buckminster Fuller, at and post your comments as well. (Do you know what a geodesic dome is, young friends?)


Hans Mundahl said...

I've always wanted to build one... a geodesic dome that is.

Cameron Fields said...

I read the article "Shades of Green" by Mason Currey and it was about a store called Green Depot. The store sells all environment friendly appliances and tools. In the stores each item is labeled with detailed environmental information. This stores products can make your home a green environment and cut down on costly wages.
-Cameron Fields

luke said...

I think that the fuller projection is an interesting creation. It's what the world would pretty much look like if it were flat. And it's funny that people once believe that was the case, b/c this would be their map. As for Buckminster Fuller, he's quite the gent. I was surprised by how many different professions he mastered. His predictions about sky travel were shockingly accurate. The Dymaxion Map is not only innovative, but helpful too. Most importantly, this map helps to keep society globally aware. It shows us how we're a single world. With that said, it's very important that everybody works together in order to keep society healthy.

Anonymous said...

In the magazine "Metropolis", an article "Float On", written by Martin C. Pedersen, described an innovative architectural feat in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Being constructed on a former garbage disposal plant, the requirements for the new park "Victor Civita Plaza" were that it be built on 20 inches of fresh earth due to the contamination levels in the area. Architect Anna Dietzsch designed a new idea that would have an elevated walkway approximately 3 feet off the ground in order to mandate the countries polices. As the world becomes a more industrial place, inventiveness such as Anna Dietzsch's idea must take place in order to conserve our planet
-Nate Barry

Theoren Aube said...

I read an article about sustainable architecture called "Thirteen Principles of Sustainable Architecture" by Kelly Hart. It went over how anyone can build and run a completely "green" house. This article had tips and methods to leave less of a carbon footprint. It also explains how our modern life style would have to work around these more environmental lifestyles and ideas. A hard transformation but well worth the time and energy.

Anonymous said...

I read the article about the 2-dimensional map that buckminster fuller created so that we could look at the world all and all the worlds land masses at once. This map enabled us to look at the world in a very different way. This map was created in the 1920's. Since the 1920's we have developed maps like these to be even greater.