Mar 24, 2010

Justice and Law Day 2

today we explored other aspects of the judicial system, from where the prosecutions were made, the courthouse to where the incarcerations were made. we went to the John Adams Courthouse where we got a tour and talked to an experienced judge. also we took a very eye opening tour at the Suffolk County Jail where people were awaiting their trials or serving less than two and a half years in prison. we also got to speak to an inmate, who shared his inspiring story of his transformation within and out of prison. he was doing work hours in the prison which in turn could potentially let him get half the sentence he received. all and all we had a very adventurous day.

i really learned what life in prison was like and how different people accept their sentences and serve them.-sarah

i really learned how a person can be so effected by drugs and gang violence but at the same time, their life can turn around completely when something tragic happens to their family like in the case of Raymond Johnson.

today i learned the story of Ray Johnson. I really enjoyed listening to the way he grew up and how the decisions he made lead to his life in jail. I was so upset to hear about how his children died and how it changed his life. I learned how a person can become so effected by drugs and violence and how it can ruin your life, and how one moment can turn your life upside down.

Today we went to the coart house and sat in some important judges chairs and met with judge who told us stories about past trials

today we when to see the jail and sow how really perison is and then we when to see on my dads great friend at the cout house.

Today we went to the Suffock County Jail. At first it was a little intense but everyone got used to it and ended up learning a lot. We talked to an inmate who told his story, and a lot of people began to feel sorry for the inmates instead of being scared of them. We met a judge as well. -Dot

Today I got to learn the story of Raymond Johnson. Everyone enjoyed listening to his story which changed everyones perspectives on the inmates. -jenna

The visit to the Suffolk County Jail today made a big impression on the group. It was both surprising and eye opening. The story we heard from the inmate, Raymond Johnson, showed us a positive turn around that can result from tragedy. The visit to the court taught us more about the logistics of the judicial system and was very informative. - Dara

the story that raymond johnson was very eye opening. i felt bad for him that he was in jail for so long but also, i feel like he learned alot from being there. he said that when he gets out, he is going to try to shape up his life and get back on the good side of his children so that he can have a good relationship with them again. - alana

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