Mar 24, 2010

Business Ethics Recap

During our urban adventure through the lifestyle and ethics of the modern business man, I have expanded my horizons and knowledge of my future plans. We met with Billy a very successful businessman that shared some vital tips with us. He told us that your ethics determines your reputation. "You can give a man a haircut over and over again, but you can only scalp him once"
-Alex Lederman

Today we truly discovered the identity of a business man's life, it's no cake walk. Waking up at 6 A.M to get fully dressed in a suit, then to grab breakfast on the go, and finally to sit on a train with hundreds of people is beyond frustrating. Billy let us know exactly how it is 80-100 hour work weeks, lunch at your desk, late nights at the office, all really makes you think is the money and power worth the stress and frustration? JUA has really opened my eyes to something I once thought was all glory and fun, to something that can be described in one's eyes as hell.
-John Humphrey

Throughout the JUA trip I found a lot of things that helped me with my business knowledge. I learned that being a businessman is not easy at all having to wake up at 6 A.M and having breakfast knowing that you not going to eat for a long time. Also learned that with being a businessman that you may have times where it can go totally bad but not to just quit and walk a way because if you just keep going and working hard that you can have a good streak and then from that point on the rest is up to you and what you decide to do. Overall it was a great trip that helped me learn more about being a businessman and business in general.
-Stephen Topercer

I came into this JUA trip not knowing what to expect but also with an opened mind. Woke up bright and early, grabbed a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, then headed off to work. We learned all about what it like to really like to be in the business. It gave us a real outlook on what it takes to become successful.
-Anthony Bicchieri

Overall, I would say that the JUA trip was very insightful. There were a lot of chances for learning. When we talked with one of the Citigroup Executives, he gave us lots of helpful advice. He proved that you don't have to go to a big fancy school to be successful. he is a prime example that if you put the time in early, then everything in life gets easier as you get older. Right out of college he was working all the time, and did not party with his friends. Because of his hard work and dedication he is very successful and can work whenever he wants to. This is something that I want to do out of college to make my life easier.
-Nick Enxing

This trip i feel i can take a lot of the skills i've learned from this trip and use it in my future every day life. The lifestyle of the man we interviewed has a very stress filled life style, but in the end sure enough the hard work and stress pays off. Also seeing this i do not see my self handling stocks yet at allllllll but i do hope to be able to someday.
-Joe Leary

JUA gave me bunch of questions that I need to answer for my future. During trip I was thinking every time. What is business? Why do people want to work on business? What do they do? Where am I and Where have they been? What do I need? Meeting business man of Citi group helped us to solve those questions, and also dragged me to new eras. It was interesting trip with great group.
-YeoJun Song

Dear school i love, this trip gave me a great idea of what being a business man is all about. i learned about what goes on in the world of stocks and what it takes it make it in the real world. We got up early and started our day down at Citi. We kept blogs of our process. This experience was something we all needed, and we all got something out of it. Lako

This trip called Junior Urban Adventure gave me life lessons and a special experience. Our group met a famous business guy named Billy who works for Citi-Bank. All he basically told us was that we needed to find a passion on something for our future to be successful. This trip was very exciting and very special to me. I thank NewHampton School for giving me an opportunity to learn more about what business is. peter lee

I love New Hampton and this place. I had SOOOO much fun with Mr. Kozens. He did a great job with being our leader. Mr. Mundal did a tremendous job with the trip, and I'm disappointed we will depart tonight. Although the exhibit yesterday was a great experience, I feel that todays was especially beneficial in terms of what the trip was about. Billy from Citi gave us a great idea of what it truly takes to be a a successful businessman and gave us a powerful example of how following your moral ethics, although not always the way to make the most money, is always the right thing to do. Business today is extremely influenced by ethics. I had a great time and hope next years group has just as much fun. Alex M

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