Mar 24, 2010

New Media: Day Two

Our day began early this morning, meeting at 8:30 and eating at a local bakery. We then ventured to the Institute of Contemporary Art, where we met Joe Doullette and Rosanna Flouty, specialists in New Media. They gave a presentation ICA's youth program and how social networking sites have changed various industries. We got a brief tour of the layout of their various galleries. Among these exhibits was the Veterans Project. The artist had recorded tales told by war vetereans and combined this audio with different images to create an interesting effect. Behind these works was a dark and seemingly empty room. Windows were projected onto the walls. As we stood and observed, we were moved by the powerful simulation of a war zone. All that could be seen were glimpses of the sky beyond the dusty windows and the occasional object outside of the glass. The audio began with voices from a small village - children laughing and playing, a man singing. A helicopter is seen landing nearby. This idyllic scene is quickly shattered by gunshots and explosions that shatter the windows. The scene ends with two women heard wailing in agony. We were tremendously moved by this startlingly realistic portrayal of a war scene. We then saw the Mediatheque: a room overlooking Boston Harbor. The Mediatheque is ICA's database and library for its visitors. We spent the remainder of our time looking through the remaining exhibits. After finding a light lunch, we made a short trip to the MIT Media Center. Overall, the day was busy but fulfilling.

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Johnny said...

What a great group I had! I am glad to have experienced JUA 2010 with a fine group of New Hampton students. They are to be commended on a great effort! Tired they may be but some work to be done tomorrow after classes.

Thanks Everyone!

Mr. Buck Bus #2