Mar 22, 2010

Business Ethics

I am extremely excited for my students because of the real life opportunity they have to learn about the business world and our current economic crisis. We will be meeting with the Managing Director of Citi Group Global Markets as well as the Vice President of Mass Mutual's Commonwealth Group. Both of these men were very influential in my experience in the business world after college and I believe they will give our students a great perspective on what it takes to be successful in business. Furthermore, they have been involved in the Financial Advising process and will add to the ethics component of this course. Overall, my students who are interested in pursuing business as a career path, will have a great opportunity to really understand what is going on with our countries current economic climate and how that effects the the people who work in the industry.

Some of the things we will be taking a close look at are:

What does an average day look like for someone who works in business and or finance?

How has the economic crisis in our country effected jobs in the finance and business world?

How has greed and corruption in these industries contributed to our current economic crisis?

What are some of the things in which these successful men have seen over the years that makes them question the ethics of business and how have they responded to them?

We will also conduct street interviews with people that work in the financial district of Boston and get a perspective on the business atmosphere from a different point of view. Furthermore, on Wednesday, we will approach the day as if we are actually working in downtown Boston at Two International Plaza. Once again, I am extremely excited for the opportunity here and I believe my students will not only enjoy this trip but also be highly influenced.

- Mr. Kozens

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