Dec 5, 2006

Emergency Action Plan

Participant safety is our primary concern. In an emergency please make sure no one is in any further danger and then call the following numbers in order until you have the emergency service you need and you have talked with someone from NHS.

An emergency is defined as any serious incident or situation that significantly threatens a NHS student or employee. This includes extensive property damage. Examples include:
• A serous accident, incident or fatality
• A situation that has the potential of endangering a group
• An illness or injury leading to the removal of a participant or staff member from the group
• A serious personal or behavioral problem
• An unscheduled loss of contact with a participant or staff member for more than 2 hours

Emergency Call List:


• Hans Mundahl
(603) 393 – 8660 (Cell)

• New Hampton School
(603) 677 – 3439 (AOD)
(603) 677 – 3426 (Andrew Menke office)
(603) 744 – 9583 (Stacey Redman office)


Anonymous said...

is it good to put that much information on the wed?

Anonymous said...


Hans Mundahl said...

I think so - this is all publicly available information visitors could get from our web site, face book or other public documents.

And it is valuable to share this information with parents and students to let them know what to do in an emergency.

Parents might also be glad to know that we have a solid plan in the case of an emergency.

What kinds of concerns do you have?