Dec 5, 2006

Essential Question Template

Here is a template for writing an essential question. This would be a good step after brainstorming with the KWL chart.

Sentence 1: Background or history of your topic. Gives reader a chance to figure out what we are talking about.
Sentence 2: State a large, broad problem or issue with your topic.
Sentence 3: Ask a question that - if answered might be a part of the solution to the problem you identified.

Example Brainstorm:
1) People have always been concerned about fashion.
2) But now fashion is taken to such an extreme with TV and photoshop that girls are starving themselves to look like models.
3) How are up and coming designers dealing with this?

Might become:
People through history have always worn clothing for protection as well as to make themselves attractive. In recent times the fashion industry has taken this to such an extreme that young girls are starving themselves to look like the fashion models they see on TV. Are designers and fashion students in Boston aware of this trend - and if so what are they doing about it?

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