Mar 22, 2011

Women's Inequality in Athletics

Our group is focused on investigating the differences in opportunities for men and women in athletics. Today our group went to Boston University to meet with Coach Deroucher and discuss what resources the college provides the athletics, and also compare resources between men and women. What we found out that the university treats both sides equally yet they can't really compensate for the difference in fan base and public interest in the sport and for that reason their facilities are different. Coach Deroucher emphasized the positive impact that Title 9 had on the university and role in women's athletics. He said that today Boston University has reached higher standard of equality in women's sport because of Title 9. Coach Deroucher had a very good perspective for us, since he coached both mens and women's and gave us an insight to how they were different and similar.

Later on in the day we met with New Hampton Alumni and former Temple Baseball player Chris Collins. Mr. Collins is now a prominent New England sports caster. We used Mr.Collins knowledge to help us understand why women's sport are not as highly televised as mens sports. From what he said we gathered that traditions playa role in fan base and the public is more perceptive to watching mens sports because of the higher intensity level. He left us with a challenge as female athletes to better our own sports by increasing our own intensity through hard work and perseverance.

To finish off the day, the group went to the Bruins vs Devils game. Surprisingly for a Tuesday night the game was packed. We went off with face paint bruins shirts and everyone made it on the jumbotron. The Bruins ended up winning 4-1. The Game was filled with energy and excitement and by the end none of us had any voice left.

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