Mar 24, 2011

Race, Law, and Justice

We visited Boston University and met with five third year law students who are getting ready to take the bar exam this summer. We asked the questions about law school and why they wanted to become lawyers. We talked about the criminal justice system and if it was actually flawed or not.

Our visit with the BU law students was very interesting and informing. -Kim

We all visited the law students at BU and learned many interesting things, such as the difference between a public defendant and a prosecutor! -Kyra

The BU students were enthusiastic to describe what their future occupations demand. The overall meaning of law was defined through more specifically prosecution, defense, and justice as a whole. Many different scenarios were drawn frown to explain fully what a lawyer's job is. -Maddy

The BU students were very open to share their thoughts on their positions in law. It was interesting to hear what they had to say and what their opinions were.

The experience was unreal.

The students were open and it was easy communication.

Talking with the students at BU was a great experience and I learned a lot of things that many people might not n
Know... Your innocent until proven guilty

I learned a lot of new things that will come in handy later in life....Liam

Talked with law students from BU and learned more about criminal justice system in the USA. It was an interesting conversation.

I gained a lot of advice from talking with the law students, it really put the whole Idea of racial profiling and unfair justice into prospective.

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