Mar 24, 2011

It's Not a Game, It's a Franchise: Lunch with Chris Collins '86

For lunch on Wednesday afternoon, we went to UNO’s next to Fenway to meet Chris Collins. Chris Collins graduated from New Hampton School in 1986 and is currently a sportscaster with NECN. He gave the varsity football team a motivational speech before the Tilton game and the final championship game. He played football and baseball at New Hampton and eventually went on to play baseball at Temple University, which is a D-1 school.

We thought it would be a good insight to talk to him about being in our shoes at New Hampton and we all have the dream to play a sport in college, some in D-1. We asked him many questions: How he got to where he is now, his perspectives on playing D-1 sports, what stories he liked the most to cover as a sportscaster, and if he thought the spirit of the game has been lost from high school to college to pro? He did agree that  is D-1 sports can be like your full-time job and to really pick a college for more than just sports in case you do get injured while you are there. He did think that playing in college did give him many opportunities for job openings in the future and many connections to people which helped him land his job today.

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