Mar 23, 2010

New Media First Day in Boston

Wow! A long day but the group was energetic and motivated to participate in everything today. We had some lunch at Fanueil Hall and discussed the afternoon plans and how to attack the day. They decided to do street interviews with a survey as one of the students filmed the process. Although exciting the general sense was that many people, perhaps because of the weather, were not as inclined to stop and answer questions. After the surveys we traveled to Emerson College where we had a tour from a film student and had he opportunity to visit in a film studio. That was so cool! Right now we are resting for a bit before doing some blogging and heading out for dinner. So far, the New Media group is awesome and we are working on a cheer!
More to come later tonight!
Mr. Buck

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Hans Mundahl said...

Thanks for this post - sounds like quite a good day!