Mar 23, 2010

Music and Business Day 1

The Music & Business group started the day with a few hours of free time, which we spent at Faneuil Hall. We had fun shopping and having lunch. We regrouped and started to head back to the hotel to brainstorm for our first meeting with Morgan Millardo.
Morgan is a student at UMASS Lowell and had some really great insight into the music business and how artists each have an approach to their own career path. We discussed the impact of peer to peer file sharing on already established artists and the groups who are hoping to be discovered. Also, we talked about how some artists have ‘sold themselves out’ and what this means. The different technology that is now used in music production has also had varying effects on the different sounds and type of music (auto-tune) for example. Tonight we will visit the Berklee school to see a performance.

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Hans Mundahl said...

Thanks for a great post - nice picture too!