Mar 10, 2009

Teachable Moments

We plan and prepare for the JUA for months. Our leaders arrange meaningful meetings, interviews and experiences for our students. Then when we get to Boston we prepare and debrief each experience carefully including blog posts and other reflections.

And then sometimes an experience is waiting for us right outside the hotel and we have to stop everything and have a teachable moment.

That happened to the Power of Music group this morning when they came back from breakfast. It turns out there are union protesters outside the hotel picketing because non-union labor was used in the renovations that are going on here.

As we speak the group is interviewing the picketers and getting a quick intro to union politics and history. Later I think they are planning to create their own music from their experience.

Sometimes we plan and prepare, but other times the most powerful learning experiences are literally waiting for us outside our own door.

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