Mar 10, 2009

Power of Music

Ms. Finer was all set to go out with the Power of Music group this year. She had designed an incredible program for this crew and arranged meetings with several people here in Boston. Just days before the trip she broke her ankle and was unable to come down with us to Boston.

She has been an avid contributor to the groups through our online tools, however and tweeted last night to wonder how the PoM group was doing.

Ms. Shepp (who stepped in to guide the group after Ms. Finer was on the injured list) reports a big day yesterday. The group visited the Berklee College of Music where they spoke with an Assistant Professor to discuss lyric writing and the power of words and metaphors in language. After hearing about the theory side they traveled to the headquarters of WUMB a folk radio station hosted on the campus of UMass Boston.

There they learned about the power music has in the real world from a political and financial point of view. The conversation also discussed how rap music is today's 'folk' music of protest.

Not done yet, the group played at an open mic and had dinner.

Read more about their travels, adventures and reflections over at their group blog I think they are due to update it this morning.

So to answer Ms. Finer's original question I'd have to say, "pretty darn good."

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