Mar 7, 2009

Pre Trip Engagement Statistics

Sometimes it is hard to judge the level of engagement with a big experiential education program like the Junior Urban Adventure. I know that each of the teachers and senior leaders is anxious and excited at the moment and I've had many students approach me directly to tell me how excited they are.
(click the map to see it full size, countries in green have visited our blogs)

But I was asking myself, is it possible to quantify just how engaged our students, teachers and senior leaders are with the program at the moment? It turns out we can - and I can say I'm pretty darn impressed. Here then are some pre-trip engagement stats.
  • 44 - The number of comments our students have left on posts on their group blogs
  • 335 - The number of visits the JUA Portal (the site you are reading now) has seen since the JUA started heating up
  • 11 - The number of countries we are drawing visits from. Our friends, family, colleagues and other educators and students from around the world are paying attention to what you are about to do.
  • 1300 - The number of times group blogs have been visited
  • 12 - The average number of minutes our visitors from the Philippines spend checking out our blogs
It's pretty exciting to see just how engaged our community is - and we haven't even headed down to Boston yet!

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