Jan 9, 2007

Sharing Outcomes

The JUA is a big project. Staff and seniors begin prep before Thanksgiving. Juniors work in class meetings and conduct research independently. Finally we all trek to Boston for some intense, long, sleepless, powerfull days.

At last the moment has come for students to share their work with you! In years past we've had students share their outcomes, reflections and learnings on a posterboard. This was on display for about thirty minutes and then it was stacked away in the Adventure Ed office. What a shame that all that work was lost forever!

For the first time student's work will live on, to inform, inspire, and of course influence how future students conduct the JUA!

Here's how you'll be able to experience the outcomes of this project:
  • Come to school meeting this Friday at 10:20. There will be a slide show and presentation.
  • If you can't make school meeting (perhaps you are from another state or country) you'll be able to see the slideshow here after Friday!
  • Visit the topic area blogs you are interested in to read and comment on student work - highlights of particuarly good projects will appear here.
  • Honors projects will be hosted on the New Hampton School website
Great job to all the students and staff of the JUA!

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