Dec 5, 2006

Staff Training: Community Exploration

Here's our activity report from our second staff training session:

WHO: Local Community
WHAT: Community Exploration – explored community for evidence of the War.
WHERE: Plymouth, NH
WHEN: Tuesday, December 5, 2006
WHY: To look into how the war effects and appears in our every day lives, even in a small town thousands of miles away from the war.

OUR RESPONSE: There was very little evidence of the War in Plymouth. Beth thought it was a sign of people not being supportive. Others thought that no one cares enough. The only evidence we found were some ribbons on cars and books on display in the local bookstore.
At the beginning of the War, there was a lot support – flags, ribbons, “support our troop” signs – and now there is little evidence of those types of support. This was surprising to us because although Plymouth is a small town, it is also a college town, and we thought we would see more evidence even on the college campus or in and around local stores.

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