Mar 25, 2010

Language and Culture: Tufts University

To hear some specific opinions and experiences, we made an appointment with an international student named Ngoni at Tufts University. He had an extraordinary cultural background. He’s from Zimbabwe, which was a British colony, so he had experienced a mixture of the African, British, and American cultures.

We asked several question about his experiences at Tufts and America. Even though he has only been in America for seven months, he explained what he felt. First, we asked if adapting the American culture was easy. He answered that because Zimbabwe is under British culture, he can speak English fluently and he believed that this is what helps him most in adapting to the American culture. Also, we asked if being friends with Americans is easy. He replied that since the other international students are also out of their comfort zone, it is easier to be friends with the international students than the Americans, but he is just starting to become friends with more and more American students. In the end, he gave us his opinion that language is a crucial part and the only way to interact with others.

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