Mar 24, 2010

Perception & Reality

The Business Ethics group was the first crew up and out of the hotel this morning by design. Group leader Mr. Kozens noticed that there was a widely varying degree of understanding across group members about what a career in 'business' really meant.

So rather than just discuss, look on line or even meet with professionals (all activities the group has either already done or will do today), the crew got up this morning at the crack of dawn, got their game on and headed out for coffee on the run, a morning commute and an early meeting downtown.
The Business Ethics group at 7am

This is just the kind of experience that the JUA is all about. I really enjoy watching young people explore their perceptions about a topic that really matters to them. Often they find their beliefs and perceptions are confirmed, and their world view is accurate. At other times they come to realize the world is broader, more diverse and more interesting, challenging and satisfying than they realized.

Sometimes this is hard, usually it is exhausting but it is always rewarding as an educator to be watching this happening!

How about you? How have your perceptions evolved & changed? Do you recall an educational experience that changed your understanding of the world? Let us know in the comments!


Amy Wilson said...

My perceptions of the world change every year on my JUA trip. It just gets better and better every year.

Amy Wilson said...

adding on...What I love best about the JUA are the experiences that you can't plan for, the magic that happens when you are in the right place at the right time with a group of interested kids, or the actual experience of BEING a business man, or CREATING art work alongside world renowned artists, or having an unexpected conversation with LIVINGSTON TAYLOR... or having Zach Baskin tell you that JUA changed his life and that he wouldn't be at Berkely if it weren't for JUA.... having the person you've asked for an interview invite two other people you might be interested in meeting... (who are not only an unexpected GIFT but also super cool ... and how thoughtful!) I wish I could teach like this more than once a year.